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A story for Christmas

A story for Christmas

Luke 2: 1-7

I know that Christmas is meant to be a happy time but I heard a really sad story

It was about Baby Dragon.

Baby Dragon had just learnt to fly, but with all great freedoms there are a new set of rules and responsibilities; don’t fly so high that you might hit a plain, don’t fly near pylons, and especially never fly to the very back of the cave as that was where Mummy Dragon kept all the dangerous stuff.

Of course that got baby dragons curiosity and she flew to the back of the cave and saw a candle light on. Why would a candle be on at the back of the cave?

So she went to investigate and then heard a noise. Maybe it was her mum, and her mum might see her, so she blew out the candle, and out of the shadows came a genii.

Now we know anyone good doesn’t need to hide in shadows, but baby dragon wasn’t wise enough to understand that. And she got excited when the genii said that he could offer baby dragon one wish.

‘I am the genii of the candle holder. And this is what I offer you this Christmas. You can have the best of friends or the best of toys for Christmas...which do you want?’

Well Baby Dragon thought it was obvious...Christmas is about getting toys, so she choose to have the best of toys.

And sure enough on Christmas day under her tree was the very best of toys.

There was a brand new computer consol.

Baby Dragon had to try it out...and because it was a magic computer consol it was really easy and she got an amazing score on anything she played.

She just had to tell her best friend how brilliant it was and how well she had done...but when she tried to contact her best friend she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Which was strange as her friend was never without her phone.

Never mind, she would look at her next present. And her next present was Lego, but not any old Lego, this Lego could make anything. What was more once the model was made it would automatically become life-size. So she made the most complicated castle from Frozen. It was stunning. She just had to take a picture of it and send it to her friends. But when she tried to send it to them she couldn't find any of their contacts, they had all gone.

Never mind, she would look at her last present; which was an Elsa costume. When she tried it on, not only did she look stunning as Elsa, the costume had magical powers so that she could make things out of ice just like Elsa. It was totally amazing, so amazing that she had to go round to her friends and show them what it could do.

But when she went round to her friend’s houses she discovered that they had all disappeared. The genii had made them all vanish.

It was then that Baby Dragon realised that it didn’t matter how wonderful her toys were, if she didn’t have her friends to share them with, then life was pretty rubbish.

You see that is what Christmas is really about.

On that very first Christmas God had to decide what present he was going to give the world.

And God realised the very best present he could give the world was not a magical sword or a glittering gemstone. The most precious gift was a friendship where God could always help us. So he sent his son Jesus to show us that God wanted to be our friend and help us, not just at Christmas, but always,

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