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We have a few opportunities for volunteers to help us reach out with God's love and serve the people.

If you would like to actively help the community you could volunteer with the Food Larder. Opportunities include helping to serve visitors with food packages, making tea/coffee and providing support and signposting towards other local services available to those in crisis.

There are also opportunities to help behind the scenes with food collections, fundraising and raising awareness of the project at local events.

If you have a deep care for others maybe you could see Anne Shearer and help with our Pastoral Care Team.

If you see a need to help our finances but do it with a slant to helping develop friendships then maybe you could join Christine Ford with the Fundraising Group.

Or if you are interested in a one-off outreach to children maybe you could see Catherine Law as she hosts a tent for Children’s Crafts at the Alva Games.

If you contact the minister he can pass your name on to the relevant leader.


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