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Ichthus Mural Fundraiser



On 10th/11th June 2011 The Alva Parish Church Ichthus Group had a sponsored sleepover in the Church hall.

During the night they designed and created a Mural which was enjoyed by many for years following.

The sleepover was held to raise money for a trip to Alton Towers where they went in August 2011.

The young people involved were:

Alan and John Gilmour

Zoe and Aimee Reed

Iona, Cairy and James McNeill

Emma McCombie

Jonny Short

Douglas Dawson


Leaders were:

Kay Conn, Sandra McLeod, Lesley Dawson



"They were a fabulous group of youngsters and it was an absolute pleasure for Kay and I to be involved with them, some all the way through from their 1st - 6th year of high school."

- Lesley Dawson

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