I Cant Believe

I Can’t Believe adapted from Edmund Banyard

There are so many things I can’t believe.

I can’t believe that the universe exists purely by chance, without plan, design or purpose.

I can’t believe that the sum of human history is nothing but a struggle where those best able to adapt to changing circumstances are the only ones to survive, procreate and advance, and the rest are left to rot.

I cannot believe that there is only the individual, that there is no such thing as community.

I can’t believe that all striving after truth and beauty is meaningless- that there is no such thing as moral values, that there is no evil that needs to be resisted, that there is no good that can be won.

I can’t believe that all love, compassion and self-sacrifice can be explained away in purely biological terms. I can’t believe that we are slaves to our genetic make-up, that we are what we are and that we can’t ever change.

I stand where every human being stands, on the edge of great mystery, a place of unfathomed depths, un-scaled heights, great burning questions, vast unknowns. And, at his place, I cannot NOT believe in God.

Blessed be God, whose ways are far beyond our ways; whose truth is so much greater than our truth; whose wisdom cannot be comprehended by our knowledge; whose love is the origin and renewal of all love, and whose life is the source of all life. Blessed be God.

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