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Alva Parish Church: Open to God, open to the needs of others in our community and open to all generations

Despite all the constraints of COVID and its impact on church life, the distractions of Presbytery plans and Church of Scotland decisions on reduction in ministers and budgets we have managed to continue to look to the future and begin to work on, and ‘tick off’, several of our key actions in our strategic plan. Indeed, it is important that we do as in many ways the future of the church we love in Alva is in our hands and we can only be optimistic that whilst we are working together towards a better future for our congregation and our community, we are doing God’s work.

What are we Doing?


The Session will be doing a more in-depth review of progress at the October meeting but here are a few of the things that are happening:

  • The Board have agreed that we will provide 2 new notice boards in the garden, but nearer the pavement so they are more easily read. One will highlight the things we are doing in the church and the other will be more community focussed and for instance will have funeral notices posted that are no longer able to be displayed in the post office. By having a vibrant and visible notice board we hope that the community will be much more aware that we are passionate church with something to offer to everyone. Thanks to Hannah Ford for leading this and John Hunter for procuring and erecting the new noticeboards.

  • Led by Caroline Izatt, we have been talking to the Alva Development Trust to explore how we can support the vital and excellent work they do. We can now start to bring food donations to church again on a Sunday as well as using the Co-Op to drop off. We also have plans to offer a Soup Lunch one day a week on a day that the ADT do not offer this service. Caroline is leading this and looking for volunteers and you will find more information elsewhere in the Alvanac.

  • We have used the problem of not being able to sing in church as an opportunity to learn some newer hymns to complement our traditional ones. One of the steps towards ‘adapting our worship to meet future needs’

  • Another one of themes under worship is ‘Building on our online worship to reach more people’. We still have a large following of online worshippers even though we have been back in live worship for some time now. We will be continuing the recorded services so that those unable to attend can join in and this may well turn out to be great way of ‘sharing’ a minister when that time inevitable comes.

These are just a few of the many actions we are progressing, others are in the early stages, and there are many other things we have said we would like to do if we had more volunteers to take them on. You don’t need to be an Elder or Board member, or even a church member, to join in and help so if you would like to find out more, please get in touch. The full list of opportunities to help was in the last Alvanac if you still have it and can also be found on our website


John Spruce

Session Clerk


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Action Plan

1st Issue Approved by Session 9th March 2021

Updated with volunteers 21st March 2021

Updated 11th Aug 2021